Chapter 4. Ivan Labanda at Igualada.

Miquel Iceta, Oriol Junqueras, Quim Torra and many other characters are the passengers of a very special "Up in the Air". Well ... In fact, it's not like that: in fact, it's the actor Ivan Labanda, who imitates them , who goes up to the balloon. He has been convinced between acting and acting, before going to Madrid with the successful musical "La cage de las locas" (The Cage of Crazy Women). This time, Iván and Francisco Mauri don't want to be alone, they are surrounded by sixty balloons as part of the European Balloon Festival in Igualada. Below and in the middle of so many aerostatics, there is the Candela Figueras and her surprise companion; the idea is that they do not get confused when it comes to the rescue.