Up in the air

“Up in the air”, a tv program created, thought and produced in Igualada, Barcelona. 


“Up in the air” is a Boxcom original idea, which linking the television genre of the interview and spectacular images of our territory, has created a program especially interesting and visually very attractive.

“UP in the air” has been cooking for months in Boxcom. We are talking about a project that covers a total of 10 chapters, filming throughout the territory and a team of more than 45 people.

And it is precisely this team that has made this a very special project …Special for making a quality product for Catalan Public Television, and special for the fact that it’s a project produced mostly in Igualada, Barcelona : pre-production, part of the technical team, script, direction, design, graphics, online communication ….

High profile interviews

“UP in the air” is a programme that revolves around personal interviews with people of media, sports and social relevance such as the catalans Joan Maria Pou, Enric Masip or Aina Clotet …, conducted by the meteorologist Francesc Mauri and with the journalist Candela Figueres as co-presenter of the format.

The set of each programme is very special, the sky. It’s a journey in a hot air balloon through different points of interest in the Catalan geography.

We fly over the clouds, discover curiosities of the invited characters and see specific areas of the country from a privileged point of view, different and unique.

Areas like Empordà, Ebro Delta, Bages, Vic or Esterri d’Àneu …. will be some of the main areas over which Francesc Mauri and the guest character will fly. Do you join us?




Up in the Air


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Chapter 1. Joan Maria Pou at the Empordá

See Chapterl  1 

Making Off   ·   Video 360º    ·   Video 4K  

Chapter 2. Araceli Segarra at the Bages and Berguedà

See Chapter   2 

Making Off   ·   Video 360º    ·   Video 4K  

Chapter 3. Òscar Fernández at Delta de l'Ebre

See chapter  3 

Making Off   ·   Video 360º    ·   Video 4K  

Chapter 4. Ivan Labanda at Igualada.

See Chapter  4 

Making Off   ·   Video 360º    ·   Video 4K  

Chapter 5. Aina Clotet at Plana de Vic

See Chapterl  5 

Making Off   ·   Vídeo 360º    ·   Vídeo 4K  

Chapter 6. Enric Masip at Pla de Lleida

See Chapter  6 

Making Off   ·      Video 4K  

Chapter 7. Xantal Llavina at la Vall d'Àneu

See Chapter  7 

Making Off   ·   Vídeo 360º    ·   Vídeo 4K  

Chapter 8. Carme Ruscalleda at Vallès Oriental

Veure capítol  8 

Making Off   ·   Vídeo 360º    ·   Vídeo 4K  

Chapter 9. Miguel Torres a Vilafranca del Penedès

See Chapter  9 

Making Off   ·   Vídeo 360º    ·   Vídeo 4K  

Chapter 10. Sergi Ferrer Salat at La Conca de Barberà

See Chapter  10 

Making Off   ·   Vídeo 360º    ·   Vídeo 4K